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Uganda Missions

The Father is moving in Uganda!
We are excited to be partnering with the vision Hashem has placed on the hearts of this Messianic Community in Africa. Join with us in helping them reach and attain their goals of ministry and sharing the love of Yeshua. Their goals are to purchase a tract of land adjacent to the property of their congregation, drill a well to provide clean water for the people and also to build the Shema Junior School. 
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Pastor John Swaga's Vision

Drill well for the community

Future site of Shema Junior School

June 2017

In June of 2017, Gabriel Rutledge spent two weeks in the rural town of Iganga, Uganda (East Africa) visiting and teaching at a local Messianic congregation, Beth Yeshua Messianic Congregation. He was able to visit with many of the local messianic believers and encourage them in the faith through discipleship and instruction. While there, Gabriel sat down with the leadership of Beth Yeshua and mapped out three goals for the local faith community. These goals are to 1) purchase the adjacent piece of land for the future construction of a primary school, 2) the installation of a bore hole which will provide clean drinking water for hundreds of individuals in the surrounding neighborhood, 3) beginning the construction of the Shema Junior School which will accommodate the schooling of 300-400 local children.  


The city of Iganga is comprised of mostly Muslims and this community of believers in Yeshua who love Israel and hold fast to HaShem's word is crucial to God's plan in bringing about the restoration of all things. This synagogue and community of believers would be vital in bringing the gospel of Messiah to the local Abayudaya Jews of Uganda. 


Each of these phases of growth carry with it a price tag. If enough people join forces and contribute however, these three goals can be achieved in 3-5 years. Please pray for the community of Messianic believers in Uganda and consider giving towards the mission and goal there. Gabriel plans to return to Uganda in January of 2019. 

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