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Dothan Messianic Fellowship does not have a children's ministry. We believe that our children should learn with their family and be part of our regular service. We do have strong youth participation that shares in all aspects of our DMF community. (worship, service, etc.) We do have a monthly youth night that usually meets the first Saturday evening of the month unless otherwise noted. See the events page or sign up for emails to stay up to date. 

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Worship Team

If you play an instrument or love to sing, you may want to plug into our worship team. We currently meet on Wednesday nights at 6:30 to practice for the following Shabbat.

We have two teams that alternate weeks. Come join us and talk with our team leaders for more details on how to become a part of the team and join us in lifting up praise to our King!

Ministries- Opportunities to serve

Come be a part of our group! We have a few different opportunities available for you to join in and serve the Messiah. We are growing and excited about what HaShem (God) is doing. He has sustained us with His Mighty Out-stretched Arm and look forward to the opportunities to come!

Prayer Meeting

Weekly prayer meeting is at 12:00 pm on Wednesdays. All are welcome!

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Dance Team

Our dance team is comprised of old and young, both male and female. We lift up praise to Hashem through traditional Jewish Davidic style dance.

Our team is open to any and everyone who would like to Praise The Father through dance. Regardless of experience, gender or age! We meet on Wednesday nights at

6:30 and practice with the worship team for the following Shabbat. We would love to have you join us!


Also, If you would like us to come and visit with your Church, Bible Study or group, we would be glad to teach a few steps or a dance. You can contact us by clicking the button and sending an email.



Inspired by King David's mighty men (the gibborim), this ministry is geared towards training and discipling men of all ages to live up to their manly role as provider and priest of their home. The goal is to use hands-on techniques to learn basic 'man skills' such as auto mechanics, personal finance, self-defense, home repair, bushcraft and many, many more topics. This is open to men of all ages. Keep a look out on the

schedule for upcoming dates and meeting times.

Chuvra Kadisha 

Death is a reality of this fallen world. When living in community with many families, it is inevitable that we come face to face with death or someone who is mourning. 'Chuvra' and 'kadisha' are two Hebrew words meaning 'holy society'. At DMF, we believe that accompanying someone through the process of bodily death and seeing to it that loved ones receive proper support and comfort is of utmost importance and one of the best ways to show selfless love. Just like the three ladies saw to it that Yeshua received an honorable burial, so too our Chuvra Kadisha honors those who are in a time of loss by serving as liaison between the mourning and the broader community. 

In summary, the Chuvra's main job in one word might be "comfort". If you have a gift for comforting those in loss and would like to use your gift in our community, please see one of our Elders for more information on how you can get involved. 

Dothan Messianic Fellowship

1st Century Worship in a 21st Century World

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